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is a service which you
can learn and grow by
interacting with various
creators and works.
Through CLEN, why not try
making your skills useful?

What clen en
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Posting / Exchanging / Advice on work

First, let's get to know your work.
You can get advice through your work by
exchanging opinions with various creators.

Post advice
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In addition, as gratitude for a creator's help and advice
you can support them with an amount of money at your discretion.

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Such a work has been posted
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As for commissions, there is a culture
that requests individuals to pay for illustrations and other work.
You can match "specialty" and "desired".


Production <Request for work>

Commission work

You can receive requests from people who are seeking
your production skills just by deciding on the content of
production and the cost and submitting.
Also, you can also request production from your
favorite creators.
Since you can also exchange messages within the site
you can communicate smoothly.


Course <Teach / Learn skills>

Commission course

You can teach people who want to learn your skills and
knowledge, or you can tell them what you want to learn.
For example, you take "Animal Picture Drawing Course"
and you receive corrections and advice from a creator
who you want to learn from.
Because you can have a man to man course online,
you can implement courses that are close to individuals.

Such a Commission has been posted

Very easy!

How to use CLEN

Sales, commissions and deliveries are supported in the system

System en

Peace of mind because payment is intermediated by management

Payment en

When selling, you can freely set the amount within 100 yen ~ 100,000 yen.
Payment when requesting a work is temporary because CLEN keeps it and
mediates, so please don’t have to worry.
If by any chance that trouble, etc.., occurs, if the work is not delivered or
completed, the full amount will be refunded.

Clen chan sd a

Why not start?

With CLEN, you can interact with various creators so
you can use it as a place to improve your skills.
Anyone can easily display work after deciding
on content and price.
Even from submitting work first is OK!
Let's transmit your "specialty" through CLEN!



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